Secrets Of The Deep

Secrets of the Deep – a courageous new series – enables viewers to explore undiscovered areas of the
underwater world for the first time, revealing historical maritime events never before tracked down.
Humanity has searched oceans for hundreds of years, but only now has diving and filming technology
enabled such revelations of the past.
You will join a group of long-standing friends who, for the first time in their lives, have been able to use
advanced technology to bring to light hidden wreckages and treasures. The six members of the team
unite a wide range of past experiences, some having had many years of diving, or boat building,
physical training, acting as guide, all committed to achieving excellence in their fields. Several months
ago they were presented with the invitation to carry out this unique series of searches of battles in
Spanish waters over the past two hundred years. They have been working uninterruptedly to prepare for
the plunges to the deep, and now they are there.
The divers, and all the supporting team, are living through the dream of bringing to you viewers the
revelations of struggles, dangers, and idyllic features of the hidden Underwater World. Join them and
share the excitement.


Posted on

July 1, 2022

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