“Twelve-year old Urban Grimshaw is Britain’s most runaway child, he’s even been on TVs Crime watch. His mother is a junkie and his father might as well be dead. He can’t read or write, and he doesn't go to school."

“It’s been described as a tale of heroin and cement, set in Britain’s underclass in the 90s."

Behind The Scenes

His average day is spent sitting around a bonfire with his mates smoking drugs and stealing cars. When he meets his mother’s new friend Chop, a 37 year old, disillusioned, ex-social worker also living on society’s margins, on one of Leeds roughest estates, the two become firm friends.

But even Chop with his own penchant for drink, drugs and hard living is shocked by the state of Urban’s life. After much soul searching he resolves to clean up his own act and save the kid. But as their friendship deepens, Urban introduces him to the Shed Crew the anarchic gang of kids aged between ten and fourteen years who spend their time joy-riding, thieving, and engaging in drugs and sex. It is only then that we see exactly how long the road to civilization really is.

When ex-social worker Bernard Hare turned his startling experiences with a group of young delinquents into a novel it was described as one of the year’s most compelling and best selling books. Urban and the Shed Crew is a stunning piece of ethnography described by The Guardian as moving but never sanctimonious, another City of God, this time for Britain rather than Brazil.


Production Team
Candida Brady

Candida Brady

Matthew Mitchell

Executive Producer
Titus Ogilvy

United Kingdom


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