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Are you looking for your next investment opportunity? If you want to be part of the exciting movie making industry and would like to generate returns on your investment for many years after a production has been released, you should consider Heritage Productions film investment opportunities.

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Heritage Productions latest investment opportunity:
Deep 6

A courageous new series that enables viewers to explore undiscovered areas of the underwater world, searching for evidence of historical maritime events, made possible by today’s diving and filming technology.

You will join a group of long-standing friends who, for the first time in their lives, have been able to use advanced technology to bring to light hidden wreckages and treasures. The six members of the team unite a wide range of experience, some having had many years of diving, or boat building, physical training, acting as guide, all committed to achieving excellence in their fields.

Invited to search Spanish waters

Several months ago, they were invited to carry out searches of battles in Spanish waters over the past two hundred years. After many months of preparation ready to plunge into the deep, they are there. The divers, and all the supporting team, are living their dream and sharing their excitement, revelations, struggles, dangers and the idyllic features of the hidden Underwater World with the viewers.

With teamwork, creative minds, genuine hearts, and a strong work ethic… they will get the job done!

UK film investments market

In 2022, the total spend on UK film production was a record £1.97 billion, a 27% increase upon 2021 (Official statistics from BFI 2022). The UK film and television industry is thriving and continues to generate money, making it an exciting yet savvy way for investors to see generous returns

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For Heritage’s latest investment opportunity click to download the brochure here

Why investment
in Heritage Productions?

Heritage Developments & Productions provide financial support to Heritage Productions and the film industry, funding the creation of a wide range of successful productions. High net worth individuals and sophisticated investors are invited to get to involved in the exciting and profitable world of film industry investments.

You can be part of the next big hit!


  • Debt
  • Gap
  • Fixed Interest Rates
  • Capped Terms
  • Letter of Intent Guarantees
  • HMRC Tax Driven Incentives

Benefits of investing with Heritage

See your name in the credits…when you invest with Heritage, you become part of the team. Meet the cast and crew on location, get a feel for the characters and experience the fun and thrill of filming at first-hand.

  • EIS Tax Relief
  • VIP Private screenings
  • Global streaming
  • DVD and TV Licensing
  • Product Placement
  • Future Series
  • Investments Awards Ceremonies
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For Heritage’s latest investment opportunity click to download the brochure here

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Heritage Productions:

Heritage is one of the UK’s leading independent film production companies. Our experienced team of production specialists are part of an extensive network of professionals who operate all over the world. We take on all types of projects; film development, documentaries, TV, news, sports, entertainment and corporate videos, from developing an original story through to development, pre-production, post-production and we can raise the finance required to deliver the project to market.

In other words, we translate big ideas into high quality productions.

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