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To make creative content that can pull at the heartstrings, excite or inform, there is a five-step production process: development, pre-production, production, post-production and delivery.
Way before securing a distribution agreement, every successful film or TV productions starts with an initial concept that will be brought to life via the production process, including financing, filming, editing, marketing and finally distribution.

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This is where the magic begins…
It all starts with an idea, securing story rights and developing the ‘intellectual property’ into a shootable property with a plot and an overarching vision.

Arguably the most important step in development is to secure the investment to finance the production. This includes putting the project through the ‘financing process’ which includes preliminary budgeting for casting, crews, locations (that provide possible film incentives) and legal.

Find out about film production investment opportunities. Click here to read more and download showreel.

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Setting the scene
When the finance is in place, fully or partially, we start pre-production.
Figuring out the most efficient way of shooting a screenplay or unscripted idea, scheduling and final budgeting. At the pre-production stage more people come on board, including cast, crew and legal. The cinematographer decides the visual style of the production and the equipment need to delivered the desired effects.

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Ready to rock and roll
Production is where the filming starts on the set or stage, everyone from lighting, sound, cast, designers, make up, props, scriptwriters, directors, cinematographers and of course catering are involved! The is when the director, cast and producers work together to realise the concept and bring the project to fruition.

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Editing, the final cut
Post production happens when filming has wrapped.
Although editing often begins during production when viewing the ‘dailies’, it is in post-production that the final editing is done, the film is cut together, scoring it with music, visuals and the final sound mixing.

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Distribution and marketing
After the final cut has been approved, the production is ready to be distributed. Read more.
Marketing can even begin during post-production by releasing teasers to create a buzz. The final step is to deliver all contracted items agreed within the distribution contract to the various territories, including streamers and other materials for marketing the production to the target audiences.