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Producers of visionary film and tv drama, creating global thought-provoking content leading the way supported by an award-winning team. Heritage Productions were established in 2012 for the sole purpose of funding projects in need of finalising capital making completion of the film possible. the endless possibilities. Inspired by his passion for filming, our CEO, director and producer Jason Wood took Heritage to the next level of film making and created an award-winning production company that with our team of highly successful and experienced partners will continue to catch the attention and curiosity for every audience from around the world.

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Heritage Productions key support partner Heritage Developments & Productions supply financial support to both Heritage Productions and the film industry offering a wide range of products with a proven history of success. If you are a seasoned or high net worth investor, feel free to get in touch, investments in the film industry are exciting and very profitable, why not make money being part of the next big hit.


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Latest Production Investment Opportunity: Deep 6

A courageous new series that enables viewers to explore undiscovered areas of the underwater world, searching for evidence of historical maritime events, made possible by today’s diving and filming technology.

You will join a group of long-standing friends who, for the first time in their lives, have been able to use advanced technology to bring to light hidden wreckages and treasures. The six members of the team unite a wide range of experience, some having had many years of diving, or boat building,
physical training, acting as guide, all committed to achieving excellence in their fields.


Invited to search Spanish waters

Several months ago, they were invited to carry out searches of battles in Spanish waters over the past two hundred years. After many months of preparation ready to plunge into the deep, they are there. The divers, and all the supporting team, are living their dream and sharing their excitement, revelations, struggles, dangers and the idyllic features of the hidden Underwater World with the viewers.

With teamwork, creative minds, genuine hearts, and a strong work ethic… they will get the job done!

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