The Deep 6

The conclusion to a 200-year-old mystery which has plagued the history books for generations, speculation is just about to take an unbelievable turn of events, six friends, six individuals, one goal, join us to find out if the dream comes true.
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  • Production team: Heritage Development & Productions
  • Creative Director / Producer: Jason Wood
  • Producer:  Bill Kelman
  • Executive Producer / Producer: Heritage Productions / Michael Braverman
  • Editor: Monica Fischetti-Palmieri Williams
  • Location: Southern Spain
  • Status: Pre-production


The search for the lost history is more than an undersea treasure hunt, it’s a fun filled adventure with five very different divers and their erstwhile captain who want to make this treasure hunting their life’s work. 

They do this by living their dream of discovering long sunken relics from the Spanish Armada off the coast of southern Spain, spanning the full length of this rich and beautiful coastline searching for clues as to where the Spanish Fleet was sunk by the British and French.  There are  32 (don’t hold me to, I’m pissed and don’t remember exactly) ships sunk and very few have been found.  Incredibly the team forge trusted relations with the Spanish government who has unprecedentedly given them exclusive permission to find and dive these wrecks.  

The goal is to make history,  have fun with mates devoted to the same purpose and change their lives to do this full time. At the end of each day, the team end with the experts discussing the day’s events or in a bar doing what English lads do best… to discuss what’s next and smash the he’ll out if it!


Episode 1 (Relationships new & old)

The team immerse themselves in the history of their chosen subject, The battle of Trafalgar. Developing relationships with the specific authorities, understanding the magnitude of importance of the mission ahead, the aim, to finally achieve their life long goals to search and discover.

Episode 2 (The call)

With plans underway to gain the required permissions to dive the deep and dangerous waters.

Ian gets a call which potentially thwarts the mission.

Episode 3 (What’s Now!?)

With tempers running high because of closure the team battle to revive the octopus dive school by any means possible and it’s fast becoming a race against time with the bad weather looming.

Episode 4 (Not just a diver)

The team receive some fantastic news, a new site becomes available but with time the enemy the team have to come together using all of their wits and skills to build and create a new dive school, meanwhile another problem unfolds!

Episode 5 (Funding)

The School build, equipment, requirements, permissions and time all cost, meanwhile the expedition budget gets dramatically pulled , sending motivation levels into torment and causing a spiral of disruption.

Episode 6 (Band of Brothers & Gigi)

With what looks to be the nail in the coffin for the crew Gigi the groups mother hen comes into play, kicking backsides and inspiring the team that anything’s possible – investment follows, they party, they fight, they rejoice and overcome.

Episode 7 (I know where it is)

Whilst getting firsthand knowledge from the experts and curator of the maritime museum the expedition gets a huge lift in excitement from the producers, a lead comes in, the location of a cannon from one of the missing shipwrecks creates a excitement and relighting enthusiasm, passions continue to run high, until……another disaster strikes !

Episode 8 (Explore or Explode)

Chris gets an unwanted day off due to an accident whilst repairing the boat, rushed to hospital this is yet another issue threatening to jeopardizing an already precarious expedition. The next day Chris is released from hospital with a few minor burns, this will not be enough to stop these passionate and determined explorers.

Episode 9 (The search is on)

The team meets with the coast guard to discuss the dangers of the location depths.

An untimely joke does not go down well with the sea police, harsh words are spoken, the team are refocused on the extremely treacherous mission ahead.

Episode 10 (Do they don’t they – The mission)

Armed with a wealth of experience, and bundles of motivation and the thought of making history the team finally set sail in search of 200 years of lost history.

Do they succeed? do they forge themselves to the task ahead and into the history books?

The skipper and his fearless team promise to make it a journey unlike anything before!