Sport of Kings

SYNOPSIS SPORT OF KINGS will be an impressive and epic journey starting at the beginning of it all Persia, following the human stories of players, patrons, club staff, supporters, horses and horse trainers, commentators, mentors/trainees and grooms.
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Production team (Heritage Development & Productions / New-Black Films / Golden Mile Productions)

  • Director: Alex Holmes
  • Producer: Jason Phillips
  • Executive Producer: Heritage Development & Productions
  • Location: Global
  • Status: Post-production


From the outside, the world of Polo seems almost impossibly glamorous: a private elite club of

millionaires and royals, of champagne parties and horses. It is all these things, but look closer and there is so much more – it is a guts and glory high adrenalin sport, a world where a talented kid from the ghetto can rise to become a sought-after sporting sensation, a lab for refinement of animal husbandry and the latest cloning techniques, a place where women battle men for a level playing field, where Adonis-like Argentinian gauchos rub shoulders with Irish horse traders and the

future King of England shares jokes with grooms on work experience.

Polo is a craft, a tradition and a philosophy of life that, for those who play it, often takes the form of an addiction, an all-consuming obsession that takes over everything else: money, work, education, relationships and time.

Crossing the globe from Argentina, to Australia, the Middle East to the USA and with exclusive and never before permitted access to the world’s top clubs and players, from the Guards in Windsor Park to the Santa Maria Polo Club in Sotogrande, Spain and the International Polo Club in Palm Beach, USA.


From canapés to mucking out, it will offer a multifaceted portrait in chiaroscuro of the sport – and the lessons it teaches us about the fast-evolving world we live in, where the new rich of emerging nations, meet with the increasingly impoverished old money of the English shires. But not all of our key characters have only two legs…

They say in polo, that 90% of your success is what you ride, and in SPORT OF KINGS we’ll meet the

horses that make a difference, the winners and losers. Breathtakingly shot, the horses will gradually emerge as the stars of the series, as we are given access to the lives of these “ponies” that travel the world and “As a patron, I can tell you that there is no real revenue stream that is generated from polo, so it is pure passion that sustains interest and it is precisely this that brings people together.” – Satinder Garcha can be worth millions of pounds.