Point Blank Range

Point Blank Range is a contemporary character-based action thriller in the line of such classics as “Hell or High Water”, “The Fugitive” and “High Noon”.
  • Production team –TBD
  • Director: Andrezej Sekula
  • Producer / Writer: Bill Kelman
  • Executive producer: Heritage Productions
  • Location: TBD
  • Status: Pre-production


A former FBI hitman, hides out in a small Nevada desert town, under an alias when his past comes back to haunt him as he is pursued by a rouge FBI agent from his past.

WAYNE HENDRICKS, 40’s, is an assassin within a rogue group of the FBI which goes after criminals the legal system can’t touch. One day Wayne tells his boss Connors who heads this illicit operation he wants to quit because his conscience will no longer allow him to do this and that he just wants to spend time with his family. Fearing that Wayne will rat out the operation, CONNORS, plants a bomb in his car which accidentally kills Wayne’s wife and son instead. Wayne exposes the group to Inspector General of the FBI, bringing the group is brought down. Connors and his cohorts flee the country. Wayne changes his identity and goes into hiding, knowing that the disgraced hit squad will not rest until they find him.

Ten years later, Wayne has taken the name Martin Lewin. He is a pillar of the community in  Kellyville, Nevada. He does search and rescue, he is a good citizen, a great neighbour and is about to move in with his girlfriend PATTY, and her daughter, BECKY, 12. The old Sheriff retires and appoints Martin as the new sheriff. WILL PEPPLER, a local boy and deputy sheriff is extremely agitated that Martin and not he got the appointment. He used to go with PATTY, and feels like Martin just breezed into town and ruined his life.

Grasping at straws for a way to get even, he sends Martin’s fingerprints to the FBI because he can’t find any real information about Martin before he came to Nevada. Word comes back that Martin is not who he says he is.