The Slugger

Boxing scout RICK, CHAVEZ, (50’s) struggles to find the next big star in the “lost art” of professional boxing. Facing eviction notices and alimony demands, Rick feels desperate to discover new talent. He receives a delivery from Australia that guides him to a promising athlete who is purported to be a “real animal” and a true boxer who fights five to ten in a night.
  • Production team –TBD
  • Director: TBD
  • Producer / writer: Bill Kelman
  • Executive producer: Jason Wood
  • Location: TBD
  • Status: Pre-production


Rick meets with his boss, DAVIS (early 30’s), at the swanky sports management agency where he works. Davis is the son of Rick’s childhood friend and business partner, ART DAVIS. Davis tells Rick that times have changed, and that boxing is not as lucrative as it once was. Davis calmly tells Rick that he will be fired because his old-school mentality does not fit with the current trends in scouting. Davis holds a grudge against Rick for encouraging his late father’s drunken antics in gambling away the family’s money. He offers to buy Rick into retirement by sending him to Australia. Rick does not take the bait and compromises with Davis: he will go to Australia to bring back the ultimate fighter, and Davis will give him his job back.

At the Melbourne International Airport, Rick climbs into a dingy private plane where the PILOT offers him beer for the in-flight beverage service. They land in the Outback where a taxi shuttles Rick to a dilapidated hotel in a small town that holds a church, a couple of bars, and a general store. Cheers emanate from the street, and suddenly, Rick sees FIGHTER #1 flying out the door and stumbling down the stairs. Boxer #3 is then carried out by paramedics. Rick is in Heaven.

He enters the bar to get a glimpse of FIGHTER #2. As the robed figure pivots to face the next challenger who is the most gnarly and disgusting beast Australia has ever seen, Rick realizes that although his expectations were high, his saviour is something unexpected. The hero he has been looking for is a kangaroo. Rick takes a swig of alcohol despite having quit years ago. He observes the fighting kangaroo with disbelief and awe as it mangles the challenger with skilful boxing moves. After the kangaroo defeats his opponent, the kangaroo’s manager, GUS (50’s) goads audience members into fighting. He tries to coax the hesitant spectators into the ring by abusing the kangaroo to show that it isn’t tough at all. ZACH, a 10-year-old boy, watches tearfully as Gus humiliates the kangaroo. The Kangaroo does not try to fight back although it wants to erupt at its owner. The crowd fights

back against Gus, but he retaliates, and a bar brawl ensues. Gus and the Bar Owner have a confrontation over money after the uproar, and Rick interrupts. He believes that Gus

mailed him the package, but Gus remains clueless.

Rick discovers that Gus, Zach, and the kangaroo wind up at the same motel that he is staying in. He finds out that Gus is not Zach’s father, and the boy and the kangaroo are a united team against Gus.