Crowd pleaser

CROWDPLEASER is a dark comedy, bank robbery, heist film that takes place during the overheated atmosphere of the 1995 Sundance Film Festival where a filmmaker is forced by any means necessary to show his work.
  • Production team – TBD
  • Director / writer / producer: Bill Kelman
  • Executive producer: Heritage Productions
  • Location: TBD
  • Status: Pre-production


Crowdpleaser is the story of a filmmaker who doesn’t get into Sundance with his film so he decides to take a big screening hostage as a publicity stunt. His actor, a real criminal, sees an opportunity to use this as a distraction so he can rob the bank next door to the theatre. The actor/criminal drags along his “character actor” friends who are really hit men on the run from a botched mob hit.

While trying to make a getaway after a hold-up at a nail salon, New York tough guy DOMINICK BELAGO (30s) ducks into a rehearsal hall where independent filmmaker TOM GARRISON (30ish, clean-cut and upbeat) and his girlfriend-cum-associate producer SANDY (20s) are reading actors for parts. Dominick unwittingly auditions for the role of LOUIE, a thug, and is perfect. As Louie, who’s being pursued by the cops, Dominick gets to drive a car into the East River. He’s a hit, and he likes the fact that acting beats working for a living. But after the East River scene is filmed, the real police arrive to arrest Dominick who spends time at Attica.