What happens after you break up with the girl you had the smokin' hottest, thermonuclear sex of your life with and you run into her a couple of years later? Memories linger. The fact that she was crazy, hot and probably smarter than you, doesn't deter you... but like an idiot, you go for it and "backslide" anyway. In the end... it works out but not like either of you expected…
  • Production team: Tbc
  • Director: TBD
  • Writer / Producer: Bill Kelman
  • Executive producer: Steve Lanning
  • Location: tbc
  • Status: Pre-production


Meet Brad Kiley, 30’s, a slacker/gamer turned game designer; single, with a new gig, some cash in his pocket and he’s in a dry spell babe-wise. He’s trying everything online, old, business cards, Matchbook covers, napkins with phone numbers, whatever. zip, zero, nada. He sees his ex-live-in girlfriend, Trish 30-ish, an uptight lawyer, on his Facebook page, which he has ignored, since the

breakup. All we know is that his guy friends think Trish was a psycho bunny boiling bitch and her friends think he was a complete fuckin’ asshole prick. No matter what the past was, Brad and Trish are both thinking the same thing about their red-hot monkey love sex! And then they start chatting…

Even though Trish is seeing Jim, a boring, whiney lawyer, she decides to get back together for “lunch” with Brad. They are both nervous as they both remember only the smoking hot sex. Everyone and everything are telling them “NO WAY, JOSE”. Don’t do it! With every

Greek chorus in the book, ranging from Trish’s cat, to their friends, to the parking valet and the hostess at the restaurant they are meeting at, tell them each to RUN!

But they don’t. They meet up again.