Sport of Kings

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SPORT OF KINGS will be an impressive and epic journey starting at the beginning of it all Persia, following the human stories of players, patrons, club staff, supporters, horses and horse trainers, commentators, mentors/trainees and grooms.

The Deep 6

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The conclusion to a 200-year-old mystery which has plagued the history books for generations, speculation is just about to take an unbelievable turn of events, six friends, six individuals, one goal, join us to find out if the dream comes true.

Coming soon

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Imagine… You are the biggest and best-known film director in the world; a combination of Michael Bay, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg. All your movies are budgeted at $200 million or more and your grosses are all in the top ten box office grossing films ever. And you are the biggest douche bag in the world; You’ve fucked over everyone; colleagues, friends, partners, family, everyone. You are a volatile, litigious drug addict who is also a rude, arrogant fuckhead.

The Slugger

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Boxing scout RICK, CHAVEZ, (50’s) struggles to find the next big star in the “lost art” of professional boxing. Facing eviction notices and alimony demands, Rick feels desperate to discover new talent. He receives a delivery from Australia that guides him to a promising athlete who is purported to be a “real animal” and a true boxer who fights five to ten in a night.

Point Blank Range

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Point Blank Range is a contemporary character-based action thriller in the line of such classics as “Hell or High Water”, “The Fugitive” and “High Noon”.

Perfect dad

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Family adventure comedy
Written by Bill Kelman

Crowd pleaser

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CROWDPLEASER is a dark comedy, bank robbery, heist film that takes place during the overheated atmosphere of the 1995 Sundance Film Festival where a filmmaker is forced by any means necessary to show his work.


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What happens after you break up with the girl you had the smokin’ hottest, thermonuclear sex
of your life with and you run into her a couple of years later? Memories linger. The fact that
she was crazy, hot and probably smarter than you, doesn’t deter you… but like an idiot, you
go for it and “backslide” anyway. In the end… it works out but not like either of you expected…


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Luca, (Géza Röhrig), is the pre-eminent artist of his generation and at the peak of his career, lauded, feted and collected by all. He is the ultimate showman but the side effects of his new found fortune and fame have left him agoraphobic, crippled by depression; he hasn’t left his house in five years, a virtual recluse who battles daily with his demon (Rupert Everett). Until a chance encounter brings Luca back from the edge…the question is can he stay there.

3 lives

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A woman on the run from ruthless kidnappers discovers her rescuer is the man jailed for attacking her 15 years earlier.

Starring Mhairi Calvey, Anatole Taubman, Victor Alfieri, Pete Riley. Directed by Julianne Block.